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Lip reader reveals exactly what Declan Rice said to Slovakia manager after dramatic England win

Lip reader reveals exactly what Declan Rice said to Slovakia manager after dramatic England win

Rice and Calzona were involved in a brief but angry exchange after extra time.

A professional lip reader has revealed what Declan Rice said to Slovakia manager Francesco Calzona during their heated exchange after England's 2-1 win over Slovakia at Euro 2024.

Rice and Calzona clashed at the end of extra time after the Italian manager had approached the match officials to protest against a decision.

He walked towards the officials with his arms aloft, but Rice spotted him and appeared to tell him to move away.

Calzona, however, was having none of it and pushed the England midfielder - which sparked an angry reaction.

You can see how the moment unfolded below.

Now, professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman has told the Daily Mail what he believes Rice said to Calzona.

A furious Rice is alleged to have said: "Shut up, p***y. Oi, shut up, you bald c**t."

With adrenaline clearly high after England's 2-1 win - which saw goals either side of the beginning of extra time - it perhaps wasn't a surprise that there was at least one altercation at the end of the game.

Calzona himself was asked about the incident in his post-match press conference, and said that Rice apologised to him.

He explained: "Rice was supposed to go to the referees and say goodbye and then leave.

"I had to speak to the referees and he was carrying on, continuing to speak. Then he apologised and it all ended there."

Jude Bellingham and Declan Rice celebrate after England reach the Euro 2024 quarter-finals (

The Arsenal midfielder didn't specifically address the incident in his own post-match interview, but did touch on Jude Bellingham's spectacular overhead kick that prevented England's elimination from the tournament when the scores were at 1-0 to Slovakia on 95 minutes.

"If I tried that Jude goal, I'd have broken my back," he began. "Fair play to him. Special moment."

Harry Kane's goal in the first minute of extra time put Gareth Southgate's side 2-1 ahead, and they would not relinquish that advantage in Gelsenkirchen.

England are next in action on Saturday when they take on Switzerland in the Euro 2024 quarter-final in Dusseldorf.

Featured Image Credit: ITV Sport

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