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The stunning amount David Beckham made in 2023 after successful Netflix series with wife Victoria

The stunning amount David Beckham made in 2023 after successful Netflix series with wife Victoria

The insane amount of money David Beckham received from his Netflix documentary has been revealed.

The amount of money David Beckham made following his Netflix documentary has now been revealed.

The 48-year-old has made a healthy profit from both his production company, David Beckham Ventures Limited, which released several different programmes through 2023 such as 'Beckham' and the Ronnie O’Sullivan documentary, 'The Edge of Everything'.

As well as this, the former Manchester United star worked as a co-producer for the Disney+ show 'Save our Squad' and 'Fever Pitch' for BBC Two.

Elsewhere, the company that controls his brand deals, Seven Global LLP, was also extremely beneficial following his partnerships with Adidas and Tudor throughout the year, which saw profits of around £8.6million make its way to the former England international.

According to The Sun, the total profit for the two ventures has since been revealed, with Beckham raking in around £72.6m throughout 2023 due to the success of his documentaries and commercial involvements.

The report goes on to reveal quotes from a source close to Beckham, which said: “It’s been a golden year for Goldenballs. The Netflix documentary deal was worth over £20 million alone and its huge success has been vindication.

“David continues to be flooded with commercial and partnership offers and has never been more in demand - despite retiring 10 years ago.

David and Victoria Beckham. (

“Meanwhile Victoria is finally making a profit, largely due to her hugely successful online make-up brand, and her sales are up 44%.

“It’s also interesting to note that she is now monetising social media and making a considerable profit from this- she does absolute no advertising; it’s all her doing her own make-up tutorials which then link to her products.

“The couple are on course to make over £100m next year which is quite astonishing.”

A fortune which the Beckham's have put to good use by purchasing a huge property portfolio over the years, which includes a £31.5m London Townhouse and a luxury £6m location away in the Cotswolds.

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