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David Beckham leaves fans fuming with just one word during BAFTA appearance

David Beckham leaves fans fuming with just one word during BAFTA appearance

Beckham's caused quite a stir.

David Beckham has annoyed fans after using one specific word during his appearance on stage at the 2024 Bafta Awards.

The former England captain announced the winner of the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer Award at the Royal Festival Hall.

Savanah Leaf picked up the award for her film Earth Mama, beating fierce competition.

Beckham managed to receive backlash from football supporters on social media during his brief speech.

While reflecting on his legendary football career, the 48-year-old told the star-studded crowd: "Good evening. They say that practice makes perfect.

"Well, that might be true in football - or soccer - but it's not true for the filmmakers nominated for Outstanding Debut."

Before reading the list of nominees, Beckham added: "They got it right the first time!"

That didn't stop passionate football fans on X from having their say on Inter Miami owner Beckham trying to 'pander' to his American audience.

One person said: "It's a British award ceremony. There's no need!"

A second added: "Don't you dare say soccer, David. Who even are you?"

Someone commented: "Why are you pandering to Americans?"

While another posted: "No David, you were right the first time... it's called football!"

Beckham in attendance at the Bafta Awards. (Image

Beckham's had a connection to America since moving to LA Galaxy in 2007.

He spent six years in the MLS before ending his career with Paris Saint-Germain in 2013.

Speaking to The Athletic in 2023, Beckham explained why he's always had an affinity for football Stateside.

He said: “When I made the move, I was 32 and had come from Real Madrid.

"I got criticism because I was going to a league that had 13, 14 teams and only six stadiums that were soccer-specific. A few people of a high level did hit out, but I was ready for the challenge.

Beckham founded Inter Miami in 2018. (Image

"People were saying, ‘You’re chancing this’. For me, it was never about that. I’ve always loved America, loved the opportunity America brought to the world and loved the scale.

"I always thought if I could ever live in America and do something that was going to change the face of the game here — and bring what I knew from Europe to this part of the world — I want to be part of that.

“I’m not saying it was solely down to me because it wasn’t. There were an incredible amount of people that did incredible jobs to bring me to LA when the league was struggling, but they had the vision and commitment."

Featured Image Credit: Bafta & Getty Images

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