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Fans convinced Ronaldinho's 'twin' is playing in South Africa

Fans convinced Ronaldinho's 'twin' is playing in South Africa

Ronaldinho retired some time ago but fans believe Miche Minnies is the spitting image of the Brazil legend.

Ronaldinho officially retired from football in 2018 but fans on social media are convinced that a current player bears an uncanny resemblance to the Brazilian legend.

The 2005 Ballon d'Or winner's last foray onto a football pitch was for Gerard Pique's Kings League, where he played for Porcinos FC and only earned €70 (£61.50) as a base salary per appearance.

But fans reckon that his twin is still doing the business in the professional game. Miche Minnies, who plays for Mamelodi Sundowns and South Africa women, has gone viral for looking a lot like Ronaldinho.

An image of Minnies circulated after she scored in a 4-0 win over Costa Do Sol in the CWCL on Monday and immediately supporters decided that she is the doppelganger of the former Barcelona and AC Milan superstar.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The former Vasco da Gama player scored 23 goals to help Sundowns retain the Sasol League National Championship title last season and the fact that she wears the Brazil colours of yellow, green and blue has only added to the lookalike talk.

One wrote: "Ronaldinho must explain! We know he visited South Africa years ago."

A second said: “This is Miche Minnies, South African winger who plays for Mamelodi Sundowns. Ronaldinho needs to explain to us something.”

A third had the same view, adding: “Ronaldinho must explain why he has this perfect lookalike in Miche Minnies who plays for Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies in South Africa!”

Another asked: "Is this Ronaldinho's daughter?"

Another weighed in: "I thought that was a younger photo of Ronaldinho."

A final user commented: "You're telling me this is not Ronaldinho's daughter??"

Plenty of people have developed wild theories that Ronaldinho father Minnies, pointing out the fact that he played against South Africa at the Sydney Olympics back in 2000 and she was born in 2001.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

However, her dad, David, is a football coach who has had a huge influence on her career.

Ronaldinho's 18-year-old son Joao Mendes is continuing his legacy after signing for Barcelona earlier this year and representing the club's youth team.

When he went on trial with Cruzeiro as a youngster, he hid his identity from scouts and those present were completely unaware of who he was.

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