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Lad is attempting to attend a match in every Champions League round without going to the same country twice

Lad is attempting to attend a match in every Champions League round without going to the same country twice

A huge challenge on a shoestring budget.

A football fan is attempting an incredible challenge to attend every round of this season's Champions League - without visiting the same country twice.

Rob Adcock is attempting the challenge on a shoestring budget, having attended football matches across the world for a number of years.

He is taking things up a notch this time around for his newest quest, and has already ticked a number of countries off the checklist during the Champions League qualification stage.

The first episode of the series, which is available to view in full on his TikTok account @robdidatiktok, sees Rob visit Iceland for the preliminary round of the competition - originally without tickets!

The second episode of the series saw Rob and a friend travel to Malta in order to watch Hamrun Spartans take on Israeli giants Maccabi Haifa in the first qualifying round.

The trip was certainly eventful, with Rob explaining that he was almost hit by a flare during the match when crowd trouble kicked off - something he says he won't forget in a hurry.

And his third country on the list was Wales, with Rob travelling to watch The New Saints take on BK Hacken. He drove there for £3 plus electricity.

Episode four will show Rob's visit to Poland for the second round of qualifying, while he has also visited Glasgow and Copenhagen.

Explaining his motives for attempting the incredible challenge, he explained: "We've been going to matches all over the world for the past couple of years.

"We've done things like going to three matches in three days in the different countries for under £300 etc, and me and my mates were looking at getting to more games over the next couple of months.

"It was my other half who said, 'Why don't you go to a match in every round of the Champions League?' So I'm assuming she just likes me out the house/as far away from her as possible. Can't blame her.

"So we looked into it and thought, 'We could make this work'."

He named Copenhagen as having the best atmosphere, describing it as 'unlike anything I've seen', before explaining where he hopes to head to during the group stage: "I really fancy Braga. Galatasaray would be fun. Serbia and Switzerland would be class, too.

"Not going to the same country twice makes it more interesting. It means we're going to have to leave Spain, France, England and Italy until the later rounds, so I want to get to as many places I've never before as possible. So we're definitely up for suggestions."

You can get those suggestions over to Rob via his X account @RobAdcock.

Featured Image Credit: Rob Adcock & TikTok/robdidatiktok

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