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Bournemouth have new badge ‘leaked’ and it has divided fans

Bournemouth have new badge ‘leaked’ and it has divided fans

It's divided fans.

Bournemouth are said to be looking to change their club badge with it’s replacement having allegedly been leaked online.

The Cherries have had the same logo since 2013 - a cartoon head of the club’s all time scorer, Dickie Dowsett, heading a ball.

However, as per Footy Headlines, Bournemouth have filed an trademark application for a new badge in a bid to completely change their logo for the first time in 10 years.

The Premier League outfit have reportedly scrapped the current design, which has become synonymous with their rise from the Football League to the top division, instead adopting a circular badge with 'AFC Bournemouth' and 'The Cherries' written around the edge.

Aptly, at the centre of the crest is a bench of cherries and a football.

Supporters on social media appear to be divided about the new design.

"Way better and more in line with their club. Their current logo looks like a Wella Hair advert," one fan wrote on X.

Similarly, another said: “I actually quite like it. The current one reminds me of head and shoulders or something.”

A third added: "What the hell, I mean the logo looks great but has nothing in common with the old one. Is it based on some old logo or is it completely new?"

As it turns out, the new proposed design is very similar to Bournemouth’s logo from 1981-1983. The new logo may be partly inspired by that.

"Very rarely see a good logo re-brand these days, fair play,” a fourth person said.

A fifth added: "I'm fed up of rounded logos, couldn’t they have gone a different way?"

Aston Villa are the last Premier League team to have changed their logo, having switched to a round badge this season.

Meanwhile, Brentford also opted for a circular design back in 2017.

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