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Ben Foster has divided everyone with his picks in viral ‘Football Bracket’ game

Ben Foster has divided everyone with his picks in viral ‘Football Bracket’ game

Fans have questioned Ben Foster's football knowledge after seeing his selections.

Ben Foster's football knowledge has been questioned by many after he took part in a football bracket challenge.

Foster, who recently retired for a second time after a tough period in between the sticks for Wrexham, played the game and uploaded the results on the TikTok account of his popular 'Cycling GK' podcast.

The game is a simple one whereby two players are pitted against one another in a knockout scenario, with Foster only able to choose one.

It was a quarter-final of sorts, with a total of 16 random players being thrown up.

There were two sides of the draw and then Foster had to finish the job by deciding between the two finalists.

But the former Manchester United, Watford and West Brom shotstopper's selections surprised plenty.

First up he picked Virgil van Dijk over Andrea Pirlo, before going for Luka Modric over Fabio Cannavaro.

He then showed his United affiliation by opting for Eric Cantona over Sergio Ramos and then Peter Schmeichel over Romario.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Somehow Sergej Milinkovic Savic got the better of Al Hilal teammate Neymar in a controversial selection, while Sergio Busquets beat long-time Barca colleague Carles Puyol and Ruud van Nistelrooy and both made it to the final eight.

In the end it came down to Schmeichel vs Scholes and Foster went with his former Red Devils teammate.

Yet the picks caused an almighty stir online.

One wrote: "Had to sit and deep life after his first choice."

A second said: "I turned this off 3 seconds in because this dude immediately chose VVD over Pirlo…"

A third wrote: "I swear to you he doesn't even know who that is against Neymar."

A fourth vented: "Another ex-United player displaying their ball knowledge looool."

A fifth didn't hold back, saying: "Genuinely seen people on TikTok with better opinions."

And a sixth went further, commenting: "Some people should be banned from talking about football."

Featured Image Credit: Cycling GK

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