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Video shows Antonio Rudiger taking no prisoners in Real Madrid training

Video shows Antonio Rudiger taking no prisoners in Real Madrid training

The Real Madrid defender is seen aggressively marking a teammate in training and showing no mercy whatsoever in doing so.

Antonio Rudiger has shown fierce competitive nature in training in the past and even now, he's taking no prisoners whatsoever.

The Real Madrid defender has successfully established himself as a maintstay of Carlo Ancelotti's Los Blancos, winning three trophies in his first season, including the Copa Del Rey.

He has carved a reputation for being all-action defender, always on the front foot during games and being bold with the risks he takes with the ball as well.

Intent on building on his success in the first season, Rudiger is looking to keep teammates on their toes from day one, as seen in a training video.

Fans of Real Madrid and neutrals alike online seem to be enjoying Rudiger's aggression in training. Some were even amused at the aggression of his defending in a simple training session.

The video shows Rudiger first jockeying and then aggressively charging at the young Arda Guler, who recently joined Los Blancos from Fenerbahce.

Rudiger does get turned as the video shows but manages to recover the ball from Guler with sheer force of strength, to which fans have been reacting.

One fan noted, "Facing Rudiger everyday in training must feel like torture."

Another said, "Why does Rudiger play like he has a devil on each shoulder 😭"

(Image credit: Getty)
(Image credit: Getty)

Rudiger looks to be in top form once again as he prepares to help Ancelotti's Los Blancos wrestle back the La Liga title from arch rivals Barcelona, who were champions last season.

This incident in training isn't the first time that Rudiger's tenacity has gone viral. Last summer, the German's aggression in training injured forward Eden Hazard, who was left on the floor, screaming in pain.

Thankfully for Guler and Real Madrid, this time around, there were no casualties.

Rudiger and co. will be in action next against AC Milan tomorrow as they kick-off their pre-season tour of the USA.

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