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Alfie Haaland reignites Roy Keane feud as he slams 'League Two player' comments about his son

Alfie Haaland reignites Roy Keane feud as he slams 'League Two player' comments about his son

The pair are at it again...

Alfie Haaland has responded to comments made by Roy Keane regarding the recent form of his son Erling.

The Manchester City star has been a huge hit ever since his move from Borussia Dortmund back in June 2022.

But former Manchester United captain Keane recently issued some harsh words the way of the Norwegian international, insisting his all-round play was similar to that of a 'League Two player' in City's 0-0 draw with Arsenal.

In a surprise to few, Haaland's father, Alfie, has since hit back himself stating how the once Republic of Ireland international is feeding into a narrative.

Speaking to Viaplay Fotball, he said: "Then you have the background of Keane and other experts, who may have a slightly different agenda.

"They probably think it's a bit okay to come up with that (the criticism). But the team wins, and Erling is still top scorer, so it can't have been that bad."

Haaland and Keane went back and forth during the 1990s and it was the former Leeds man who got under Roy's skin after a knee injury he sustained sparked a soon-to-be feud.

Fast forward four years and during a Manchester derby, Keane raked his studs into Haaland's leg.

The collision did not result in his subsequent retirement from the professional game, as Keane did not cause the long-term injury to his other knee that did force the end of his career. However, City and Haaland did briefly consider legal action over the incident.

Keane admitted in his autobiography some time after that his intentions towards his rival were premeditated.

Roy Keane and Alfie Haaland battle for the ball
Roy Keane and Alfie Haaland battle for the ball

"I don't know what the big deal is, I give Erling Haaland praise every week, I give Manchester City praise, and I think he's an amazing striker," began the Irishman in his scathing review of Haaland.

"But his general play is that of a League Two player. And I'm glad you are not agreeing with me, I don't expect people to agree with me.

"His general play, week in, week out is nowhere near good enough.

"As a goal scorer and a striker, the best – and I said that. His link-up play, the way he lays the ball off, sometimes the options he gives his teammates or the options he doesn't give them – as a striker and a goal scorer the best in the world, but his other play is that of a League Two player."

Featured Image Credit: Man City and Getty

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