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The Full Story Of Crowd Trouble Inside Wembley At Euro 2020 Final Is Damning & Heartbreaking

The Full Story Of Crowd Trouble Inside Wembley At Euro 2020 Final Is Damning & Heartbreaking

“Any hopes of us getting the 2030 World Cup have ended.”

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

An in-depth report has broken down the crowd trouble at Wembley during Italy vs England at Euro 2020 and it's a hard read.

Several hundred fans attempted to enter the stadium prior to kick-off and it was only the beginning of a horrific day.

The Mirror's Andy Lines was at Wembley on Sunday and has recounted the events in a harrowing 'Inside Story' piece.

He claims 'a steward was threatened with a knife, a woman fan seriously sexually assaulted and a tearful schoolboy traumatised.'

A steward also told him that an older fan pulled a knife on him before saying 'you ARE going to let me in'.

The steward is paid £8.90 per hour and he said: "What was I going to do? I earn £8.90 an hour - I'm not getting stabbed for that."

The woman fan is said to have been subject to a 'serious sexual assault' during a crush to get inside the stadium.

While a young boy begged his father to be taken home, despite the occasion, due to unsavoury scenes.

Attempts were made the calm the youngster down as many insisted it isn't all England fans who behave that way.


More footage on social media later in the evening showed England fans appearing to assault Italian fans.

Bars, pubs and restaurants within a five-mile radius of Wembley are said to have shut at full-time in an attempt to calm things down.

Fil Sollof is a member of England Fans Travel Club and has followed his country across the globe for 20 years.

He believes what occurred over the weekend will not only have a short-term impact, but a long-term one too.

The 56-year-old admitted: "I have travelled to all corners of the globe to watch England and I have never seen anything like Sunday night.

"It's a total disgrace that makes me so embarrassed to be an England fan.

"The total night was completely un-policed and the stewards couldn't cope. Any hopes of us getting the 2030 World Cup have ended."

Lines was working at the event and was approached by fans who thought he worked at Wembley.

Their pleas for help were haunting, with them asking: "Why don't you f***ing do something?

"Someone is going to die out there."

England lost the game 3-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw across 120 minutes of action.

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