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How Much Every Premier League Club Lost Over Lockdown

How Much Every Premier League Club Lost Over Lockdown

The staggering amount of matchday revenue every English club has lost due to the season finishing behind closed doors has been added up - and Manchester City are the biggest losers.

The club missed out on an eye-watering £23.9 million according to Business Rescue Expert - enough to buy roughly half a John Stones.

Man United are second on £17.7 million in lost income, but it's a shock to see City so high - above their rivals and the big London clubs - until you realise why. City were unlucky in that they had six home games left to play at the restart; so six home games with zero revenue.

Well, at least City have topped one league table this season.


Arsenal, on the other hand, lost "only" £12 million and Chelsea merely £8.6 million, due to the fact that they had only four home games left during Project Restart.

The full breakdown of every league club in England - totalling £305 million in vanishing cash - is below.

The team at Business Rescue Expert have factored in the price of pies, pints and programmes and we see the costliest teams to follow.


Predictably, Arsenal is the most expensive place to drink (despite the fans direly needing it at times this past season), charging £5.70 a pint. Chelsea is the most expensive place for a pie: at £4.60, it better be handmade by Olivier Giroud himself.

Reassuringly, Burnley is the Premier League's cheapest pie-and-pint combo: £3.50 for a drink, £3 for a pie, plus all the "anti-football" you can stomach. Absolutely smashing.

Bournemouth felt the least impact from lockdown, as the Vitality Stadium only holds 11,364 fans. The Cherries missed out on £2.2 million - but it's further down the pyramid where the impact will really be felt.


A lack of matchday income is a disaster for many clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two. Sunderland, for example, missed out on £4.5 million, which is more than many Championship and Premier League clubs - and they are far from the most vulnerable.

The infographic below shows the bleak picture for all 92 clubs.

Premier League revenue lost since Project Restart.


1. Man City (£23.9 million)

2. Man United (£17.7 million)

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3. Liverpool (£12.8 million)

4. Tottenham (£12.6 million)

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5. Newcastle (£12.1 million)

6. Arsenal (£12 million)

7. West Ham (£11.2 million)

8. Everton (£9 million)

9. Chelsea (£8.6 million)

10. Aston Villa (£7 million)

11. Sheff United (£6.2 million)

12. Leicester (£6.2 million)

13. Southampton (£6.1 million)

14. Wolves (£5.7 million)

15. Brighton (£5.6 million)

16. Norwich (£5.5 million)

17. Crystal Palace (£5 million)

18. Watford (£4.4 million)

19. Burnley (£4 million)

20. Bournemouth (£2.2 million)

All imagery: PA Images/Business Rescue Expert

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