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FIFA Fans Are Threatening To Boycott FIFA 21 After PES 'Season Update' Announcement

FIFA Fans Are Threatening To Boycott FIFA 21 After PES 'Season Update' Announcement

Konami have announced PES 2021 will be a 'season update' rather than a new, full priced game.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

FIFA fans have threatened to boycott FIFA 21 following the announcement of Pro Evolution Soccer's 'season update'.

Publisher Konami announced yesterday that PES 2021 will not be a brand new installment, but a substantial update at a cheaper price in September.

The shock statement has been praised by gamers around the world - while some have chosen to question why EA Sports haven't adopted a similar method.

FIFA has been a yearly release since 1995 and while FIFA 21 promises to have a huge debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, many are deciding to give PES another shot.

In a Reddit thread discussing the announcement, u/ColKaizer admitted: "Not going to lie, I'm rooting for PES.

While u/simmarjit added: "This is exactly what I want from this game, I'll defo give their new engine a go when it's out. I believe Unreal Engine is way superior than Frostbite."

CosmicDesperado then chimed in with: "If it starts to get people more interested in PES though, then it will force EA to improve FIFA to compete/stay on top.

"Which is good for the consumer."

Twitter user @PhoenixLordBlizzard then stated: "Remember ladies and gents, DONOT buy FIFA 21. Get PES instead, cause we can't let EA hold us hostage like this."

Konami's decision to hold off on a completely new installment allows PES Productions time to focus on PES 2022 - which will move from the Fox Engine to Unreal Engine for next-gen consoles.

A clip of Lionel Messi in the new Barcelona home kit was shown off in yesterday's teaser trailer to give fans a quick glimpse of what to expect next year.

Konami are promising "more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals" and say next-gen testing will begin in mid 2021.

While PES players wait for the season update to drop, the official Euro 2020 video game is available to download for free and contains all 55 participating UEFA national teams.

Are you tempted to switch allegiances from FIFA to PES?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Konami & EA Sports

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