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Footage shows David de Gea 'completely ignoring' Avram Glazer after Carabao Cup final

Footage shows David de Gea 'completely ignoring' Avram Glazer after Carabao Cup final

The Manchester United goalkeeper bumped into Sir Alex Ferguson and Avram Glazer after the Carabao Cup final vs Newcastle.

David de Gea appeared to snub Manchester United co-owner Avram Glazer in the aftermath of Sunday's Carabao Cup final – and the awkward footage has since gone viral.

Glazer, who is reportedly ready to sell up at Old Trafford after 17 years at the helm, was in the stands as United ended their six-year trophy drought through goals from Casemiro and Marcus Rashford.

The 62-year-old wanted to "show his intentions" by attending only his seventh United match in the last four years, according to manager Erik ten Hag.

And after the full-time whistle, Glazer joined Sir Alex Ferguson on the ground to congratulate players and staff.

Glazer, who was booed by United supporters when he appeared on the big screen at Wembley, could be seen shaking hands with numerous players outside the dressing room.

But it appears Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea decided against greeting the American businessman.

As you can see in the footage below, De Gea can be seen greeting members of staff before turning his back on Glazer, who kept his eyes fixated on the 32-year-old shot-stopper.

One United supporter commented on the clip, saying: "David De Gea completely ignoring Avram Glazer after winning the EFL Cup. My GK."

Here's how social media reacted to the incident.

One fan said: "De Gea turns his back on Glazer, if you see the video have a look at Fergie's face when he walks away. That’s my keeper," while another commented: "Avram Glazer's face after De Gea blanked him."

A third wrote: "De Gea snubbing Avram Glazer’s handshake twice. My man’s taken more W’s the past 24 hours than he has the past 5 years."


In his post-match interview, United manager Erik ten Hag explained Glazer's attendance at the Carabao Cup final.

"He was really happy, really happy for the club, as an owner," Ten Hag said. "So I was really wanted (him) to be part of it. He was in the dressing room, very good he was there to show his intentions."

When asked about Glazer's stance on selling the club, he added: "I don't know, I'm not involved in that process.

"Thank you for the question. But I think the way that he is here shows you feel that he is committed about the process, about what he wants is not for me.

"I have to perform this team, this dressing room and others at the club are involved in the decisions about ownership."

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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