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England's Euro 2024 opener against Serbia will be only game impacted by one-of-a-kind rule

England's Euro 2024 opener against Serbia will be only game impacted by one-of-a-kind rule

The decision has been announced but will only apply to England's first game against Serbia.

England's first game at Euro 2024 is to be impacted by a rare rule, it has been reported.

The Three Lions take on Serbia in their tournament opener in Group C at Gelsenkirchen at the Veltins Arena on Sunday.

It's estimated that 40,000 England fans are expected to be in the city for the clash, with a minimum of 8,000 from Serbia.

But there are reportedly concerns that around 500 Serbian hooligans could be present, resulting in the security status being upgraded to "high risk", as per BILD.

A host of fan zones and meeting points have been set up in a bid to avoid clashes between fans, but extra measures have been taken for England's first game.

For this game only, it's been announced that regular beer will not be served.

Instead of the 4.8 percent strength Bitburger Premium lager, fans will have to make do with light 2.8 per cent alcohol beer. It will not apply to other fixtures.

“It is just the England game which will have the low-strength beer," Gelsenkirchen police spokesman Stephan Knipp told The Sun.

“The other games at the stadium will have 4.8 percent.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

In addition, fans will only be able to buy two beers at once at the stadium and must go back in the queue if they want another tipple.

There is also a booze ban in the main square Heinrich-Konig-Platz before kick-off and those who do drink will be asked to put their bottle or can away.

Police say there will be “significantly more manpower than at an average Bundesliga match" and local officers will be assisted by colleagues from England and Serbia.

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