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Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse could come out of retirement to reach a goal target

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse could come out of retirement to reach a goal target

Djibril Cisse won the Champions League whilst playing for Liverpool

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse could be coming out of retirement in order to reach a goal target.

During a career that spanned more than 20 years, Frenchman Cisse played for some of the most well-known clubs in football.

The striker spent time at Premier League clubs such as Liverpool, Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers whilst also playing for big European sides including Lazio and Marseille.

Cisse first retired when he was 34 years old but later came out of retirement to play in Switzerland.

Now, it has been reported that Cisse to looking to make another comeback in order to reach 100 goals in Ligue 1 as he is four goals short.

He said: “Being four goals away from 100 in Ligue 1, it doesn't suit me.

“If a club comes and offers me the chance to play, I will go for free.”

Cisse was last contracted to American fourth-tier club Panathinaikos Chicago in 2021.

During his career, Cisse also represented his country 41 times, scoring nine goals. He is probably most remembered for his stint at Anfield as he was involved in the historic 2005 Champions League triumph against AC Milan.

Cisse previously spoke about the experience of that classic encounter.


He said: “I took a penalty in the shootout in the final, but was absolutely fine. I didn’t feel any nerves at all. I actually found it a lot of fun, rather than feeling the pressure.

“Three months earlier I had been in pain with a broken leg, so it was just amazing to be there in Istanbul taking a penalty in front of all those fans. Everyone played a part in getting Liverpool the trophy – Stevie G, Vladi Smicer and Jerzy Dudek especially. What a special night.”

Aside from the Champions League, Cisse also won the FA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup during his time with the Anfield club.

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