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Fans left disgruntled as DAZN announce intentions to secure Premier League rights

Fans left disgruntled as DAZN announce intentions to secure Premier League rights

Streaming company DAZN have laid out a plan to challenge Sky Sports and BT Sports for Premier League TV rights, but fans are not happy.

DAZN have outlined plans to secure Premier League TV rights, making it a 'priority' to do so as they also have the rights to broadcast Serie A games.

The sports streaming service have highlighted their intentions on securing Premier League TV rights, which will add to their already extensive sports streaming catalogue.

DAZN are one of the leading names in boxing broadcasting, even managing to get Anthony Joshua to leave Sky Sports and sign on with them in a big-money move.

The rights to Serie A coverage currently costs the company £747 million a season, and their 10 year worldwide deal with the NFL is worth approximately £840 million.

DAZN chief executive Shay Segev says that plans to secure Prem football are currently ongoing.

Segev spoke with The Times, saying: "Football is obviously very big in the UK and EPL is an option on our menu.

"If the question is do we have any ambition to go to this market, the answer is of course yes. And it's not only ambition it's a high priority on my list.

"DAZN is a sports service and clearly we will try to get bigger packages but the maths needs to work.

"The question is the economic situation, the competition and whether we will be in a position to be strong enough to position ourselves as the best.

"I am very, very confident that in the mid to long-term we can be a big player in the UK.

"Whether this takes, two years, five years, seven years, time will tell."

These words from the Chief Executive emphasises the company's intentions to grow even further and to secure the rights to the most watched football league in the world.

He also continued to explain how there is no longer a conflict of interest between the broadcasters and the sports themselves: "We don't want competition and we want to pay the least we can. The new world is a partnership deal, a revenue-sharing deal.

"The clubs and leagues expect to get a specific level, then we can come in and guarantee some level of revenues and are also looking for the upside as well and we will be focused on the upside."

There is still some time yet before the Premier League's rights for 2025-28 are decided, with the auction for this being held in 2024.

The Premier League could redistribute their broadcasting rights.
The Premier League could redistribute their broadcasting rights.

The current deal in place stands at an astronomical £4.8 billion, running from 2022-2025.

According to The Daily Mail, the Premier League would not wnat more than three broadcasters showing games, meaning that one of Sky, BT, or Amazon would have to drop out.

DAZN's plan to win the Premier League rights has not gone down well with fans though, with one saying:

"The Premier League need to go on their own. Make their own app and leave the rest behind imo."

To watch all televised games, fans must current pay for subscriptions to Sky, BT and Amazon.

Another fan tweeted: "Hope they don't get it. They charge £20 a month for boxing alone. Imagine if they got PL games."

Only time will tell if DAZN manage to be one of the broadcasters of the Premier League come 2025.

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