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David Moyes reveals he would return to Manchester United if asked - but rules out managerial return

David Moyes reveals he would return to Manchester United if asked - but rules out managerial return

Former Manchester United manager David Moyes insisted that he was “really proud” to take over the champions of England at the time.

West Ham boss David Moyes has candidly admitted that he would be open to a stunning return to Manchester United outside of a head coach role.

Moyes was appointed as United manager in 2013 after legendary ex-Red Devils boss Sir Alex Ferguson announced his decision to retire at the end of the season.

The 59-year-old Scot ended his 11-year managerial run at Everton to take up the post at United, with Moyes inking a six-year deal with the Old Trafford outfit.

Moyes kicked off his career at United with a Community Shield win, but the former Everton manager went on to endure a nightmare spell at the Premier League club.

The former United boss was axed only 10 months after succeeding Ferguson, with Louis van Gaal later replacing Moyes in the Old Trafford hotseat.

Moyes bounced back from his major setback at United and went on to manage Real Sociedad, Sunderland and current club West Ham.

Speaking to Steven Bartlett on The Diary Of A CEO podcast, Moyes was asked if he would ever consider returning to United if the opportunity ever presented itself.

“I don’t think it’d ever be in a role as manager, that’s for sure, so my time is gone,” he responded.

David Moyes’ reign at Manchester United only lasted 10 months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson.

“But I always love to be involved in football and hopefully someone somewhere along the line will want to use my experience when my time’s up with being a football manager, but Manchester United is a great experience.”

Moyes ruled out a return to United as a manager, but he insisted that the Red Devils have chosen “some of the best managers” to run the first team.

He added that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to manage the champions of England at the time and the chance to lift silverware that had eluded him during his time at Everton.

When asked about receiving a hypothetical call from United for a return now, Moyes said: “[Laughs] Well, no. They’ve got a really good manager and I think the thing about Manchester United [are they] have chosen incredibly good managers, probably some of the best managers.


“Some of the best managers you could ever imagine have been at Manchester United, so sometimes you got to say if you’re quite bright -- and I’m sure you are with the business you work in -- it’s not always the boss’ fault that this doesn’t go right.

“I took over at a difficult time, [there] was quite a few senior players probably coming to near the end of their time, but also I have to say I was really proud I took over the champions of England when that was the time [and] that was [me] saying, ‘What a chance I’ve got, maybe the opportunity to win trophies, the opportunity to be successful’ and it was the thing I was probably missing from my time at Everton that I wasn’t quite getting close enough to winning trophies.”

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