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'Hair of God' starts trending on Twitter after Cristiano Ronaldo's 'desperate' goal claim

'Hair of God' starts trending on Twitter after Cristiano Ronaldo's 'desperate' goal claim

The internet remains undefeated...

The term 'Hair of God' has started trending on Twitter after Cristiano Ronaldo tried to claim Bruno Fernandes' goal as his own.

In typical Ronaldo super-fan fashion, his supporters have wasted no time in throwing their support behind him by comparing his act to the infamous 'Hand of God' founded by the legendary Diego Maradona.

From extreme close-ups showing fibres of his hair nicking the ball to some hilarious memes, some of Ronaldo's cult followers have gone above and beyond to prove their man did actually score.

Social media has gone into meltdown with Ronaldo dividing opinion once again.

Football fans around the globe can't decide whether or not the forward should have been awarded the opening goal of Portugal's clash against Uruguay at the World Cup.

When Portugal teammate Fernandes whipped in a cross, Ronaldo rose like a salmon and appeared to flick a glancing header past the Uruguay keeper.

In the end, upon closer inspection, officials deemed that he didn't get a touch at all so Fernandes' name ultimately went down on the scoresheet.

Now Ronaldo's loyal fans have flocked to social media in a bid to prove that he did, in fact, get a tiny touch.

Incredibly, even the term 'Hair of God' has started doing the rounds.

Some of these memes are belters.

On the other hand, some have slated Ronaldo for wheeling away in celebration and claiming the goal as his own.

It was The Mail's chief sports writer Oliver Hot who had perhaps the most damning assessment.

"Ronaldo so desperate to claim a goal that isn’t his that it’s quite funny," Holt tweeted.

"You could fit a double decker bus through the gap between his head and the ball there."

As for Portugal, their 2-0 win over Uruguay now means they're top of Group H with six points.

Currently in second spot, Ghana look most likely to advance, although it's still all to play for heading into the final game of the group stages.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter/SBS

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