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Kate Abdo makes Thierry Henry walk off set with awkward Champions League gaffe

Kate Abdo makes Thierry Henry walk off set with awkward Champions League gaffe

Thierry Henry took flight after the presenter made a mistake during CBS's coverage.

A TV presenter made Thierry Henry walk off set in embarrassment with an awkward gaffe before the Champions League semi-final.

While BT Sport is the face of the Champions League in the UK, the coverage of US broadcaster CBS is fast gaining traction across the world.

With former Premier League stars including Micah Richards, Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher regularly appearing on big European nights, UK fans have noticed the contrast to BT's dry, cliche-driven punditry.

Last week presenter Kate Abdo crowned Henry the 'King of Football', but at the San Siro on Tuesday night, she did something that caused Henry to flee.

Hosting the pitchside pre-match discussion before the semi-final second leg between Inter Milan and AC Milan, Abdo forgot which broadcaster she was working for.

"Speaking of that, there are some other people who aren't so blessed to be here tonight," she began.

"Your Fox Sports...Fox Sports? We're on CBS!"

While mixing up the BBC and ITV in the UK would be no big deal, in the US, Fox don't exactly have a great reputation.

Fox were recently sued for a world record $787m in a defamation case relating to the broadcaster's new coverage.

While that case did not concern Fox Sports, CBS and a very different organisation.

Carragher and Richards fell about laughing at Abdo's mistake, while Henry simply placed his microphone on the desk and walked off in faux embarrassment.

"We're all going to get sacked!" exclaimed former Liverpool defender Carragher, before adding, "Are there any jobs going at Fox?"

Abdo attempted to blame her error on the teleprompter not moving quickly enough for her to read her lines, but she soon gave up her excuse and apologised.

"Oh man, I am about to get fired. Pete I am so sorry. So sorry everybody."

The CBS team have been a breath of fresh air for football punditry this season, not just because of their insights but because of the on-screen chemistry they share.

Abdo wasn't the only presenter to drop a clanger before the Derby della Madonnina. Over on BT Sport, it took Jake Humphrey just 20 minutes to mix up the two Milan teams.

Featured Image Credit: CBS/Twitter

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