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Bundesliga referee suggests new rules that would change football forever, including 10-minute 'cool down'

Bundesliga referee suggests new rules that would change football forever, including 10-minute 'cool down'

Patrick Ittrich has suggested making four changes to football's rules.

Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich has suggested four rule changes in a bid to improve the game, featuring a 10-minute 'cool down' and a new free-kick law.

The 44-year-old ref, who has officiated four top-flight games in Germany this season, has made a number of interesting suggestions during an interview with Frankfurt-based publication FAZ Sport.

Firstly, he is keen to minimize the amount of tactical fouls in games by moving the resulting free-kick forward.

“For a tactical foul in midfield, a free kick should be awarded 17 metres from goal," Ittrich says. "How often would we see such fouls then?”

Secondly, the outspoken Ittrich has expressed his annoyance at simulation, so to punish those who dive, he wants them to be sidelined for three minutes.

“If a player rolls on the floor three times and needs a doctor, get him one and make him wait outside for three minutes," he says. "How quickly do you think the player will stand up?”

Ittrich also has a solution to officials being abused and believes football can learn from another sport.

“If a player insults a referee, send them outside for 10 minutes to cool down," the official says. "Go cycling to warm up before coming back in. We can learn from handball in that respect."

He added: “How is a referee surrounded by 10 men after a decision? In my opinion, boom, boom, boom – three red cards. Play seven against ten now. That’d be fine by me."

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

Last month, former player Alexi Lalas, who was the first American to play in Serie A, brought up a few of his own suggestions when it comes to the laws of the game.

The former LA Galaxy defender took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

As well as wanting nets to be made bigger, Lalas thinks a strike from outside the box should count as two goals. In fact, he reckons 35 yard shoot-outs are a better option than penalties and offsides are only valid in the last 35 yards.

The 52-year-old also believes there should be a hockey “penalty box” for player punishment and to completely simplify the handball.

Thoughts on Ittrich's rule suggestions?

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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