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BBC noise prankster is the same person who has plagued other sporting events

BBC noise prankster is the same person who has plagued other sporting events

Gary Lineker isn't the first person to be disrupted by Jarvo, whose previous offences have taken place in NFL, cricket and rugby union.

The prankster who had everyone watching Wolves vs Liverpool in the FA Cup on Tuesday night laughing has got a history of sports pranks.

It's very rare that a football match is overshadowed by something that's happened in the studio, even when Roy Keane and Graeme Souness are arguing.

That's exactly what happened before the third round replay on the BBC however, with porn noises being played during the pre match analysis in the studio.

Gary Lineker could do nothing but continue the conversation whilst the noises playing, breaking to laugh and make a joke or two and battling through.

When the action on the pitch started, and the cameras were no longer focusing on the pitch, Lineker posted a picture of the guilty phone that they'd found.

Exactly how the mobile managed to make it into the studio was revealed in a video by YouTuber 'Jarvo 69,' who tweeted to say, "Yes, it was me that pranked the BBC Match of the Day with the sex Phone."

The video showed Jarvo walking around Molineux in the daylight earlier on Tuesday, in order to place the phone in the studio, and then taking a tour.

Fans of cricket may well have remembered him from the summer of 2021 when he managed to get on the pitch on three occasions during the Test summer, as England took on India.

Jarvo's altercation with Jonny Bairstow. Image: Alamy
Jarvo's altercation with Jonny Bairstow. Image: Alamy

During three different Tests, Jarvo, real name Daniel Jarvis, managed to get onto the pitch during the action, first coming on as a batter.

However, it was his stint attempting to bowl a ball during a pitch invasion at the Oval, in fourth of five Tests, that got him in trouble.

Jarvis got onto the pitch wearing a kit, with his name on and the number 69, and ran towards the wicket to try and bowl at Ollie Pope, stood at the striker's end.

However, he rather messed up his run and ended up colliding with Jonny Bairstow, stood at the non-striker's end, before being taken away by security.

He was arrested and eventually given a suspended sentence, in September 2022, for an aggravated trespass charge.

Jarvis is October 2021 on the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium pitch during the NFL game. Image: Alamy
Jarvis is October 2021 on the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium pitch during the NFL game. Image: Alamy

The judge warned that none of the competitors could know Jarvis wasn't going to harm them, saying, "Players and sporting officials do not know whether a person crossing the boundary is intent on doing them physical harm.

"Even if the person is not intent on doing physical harm, as your own conduct shows it is possible for physical contact to be made with a player inadvertently, risking such harm."

He has also previously been on the pitch to be pictured with the New Zealand rugby union side ahead of their game with Wales, again during the Dolphins vs Jaguars NFL game at Tottenham Hotspur and as Real Madrid celebrated their Champions League win over Liverpool last year.

At least his prank on Tuesday didn't put anyone in danger, apart from maybe Gary Lineker's ears, and allowed Alan Shearer to make a cracking joke on commentary.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Gary Lineker

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