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Study Names Which Premier League Club Has The 'Least Intelligent' Fanbase As All 20 Teams Are Ranked

Study Names Which Premier League Club Has The 'Least Intelligent' Fanbase As All 20 Teams Are Ranked

From Man United and Man City to Arsenal and Tottenham, all 20 Premier League teams have been ranked based on how deluded their fans are...

Arsenal have been voted as the Premier League club with the ‘least intelligent’ fanbase ahead of rivals Liverpool and Manchester United, according to a survey’s findings.

Online Gambling conducted the study and found that the Gunners narrowly edged out the Reds to the top spot, with Arsenal securing a 14.2 per cent share of the vote.

Arsenal received exactly 200 votes to clinch the unfortunate accolade, with Liverpool finishing a close second with 196 votes and 13.9 per cent of the vote.

United rounded off the top three with 8.9 per cent of the vote, while Chelsea (8.8 per cent) and Aston Villa (seven per cent) came fourth and fifth respectively.

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Fortunately for Southampton and Wolves fans (depending on how one looks at it), the two Premier League clubs received the fewest number of votes.


Southampton finished in the No 20 spot with only 1.2 per cent of the vote, with Wolves securing 19th place with 1.5 per cent share of the vote.

“It’s worth pointing out that by finding themselves at the bottom of this list, Wolverhampton and Southampton could possibly make a claim as the most-intelligent fans,” Online Gambling wrote.

Posted below are the results on how every Premier League team’s fanbase ranked when it comes to intelligence.


20. Southampton (1.2 per cent)

19. Wolverhampton Wanderers (1.5 per cent)

18. Leicester City (1.6 per cent)

17. Norwich City (1.7 per cent)

16. Watford (1.9 per cent)

15. Brighton and Hove Albion (2.5 per cent)

14. Brentford (2.7 per cent)

13. Everton (2.9 per cent)

12. Crystal Palace (3.1 per cent)

11. Newcastle United (3.6 per cent)


10. West Ham United (4.2 per cent)

9. Burnley (4.5 per cent)

8. Tottenham Hotspur (4.9 per cent)

7. Manchester City (5.3 per cent)

6. Leeds United (5.5 per cent)

5. Aston Villa (7 per cent)

4. Chelsea (8.8 per cent)

3. Manchester United (8.9 per cent)

2. Liverpool (13.9 per cent)

1. Arsenal (14.2 per cent)

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