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"The anger is increasing..." - Manager furious with Man Utd and Arsenal target

"The anger is increasing..." - Manager furious with Man Utd and Arsenal target

He has reached the end of his tether.

The ongoing saga surrounding Joao Felix's future looks to be reaching it's pinnacle as manager Diego Simeone is thought to be reaching the end of his tether with the 23-year-old.

The Portuguese star has been rumoured with a move away from Atletico Madrid since reports emerged suggesting the player and manager had a fractured relationship.

And now tensions are thought to have reached boiling point with Spanish pundit Julio Pulido stating that "Simeone’s anger at Joao is increasing."

That being said, Felix did start for the club in their penultimate match against Elche, scoring his side's opener before limping off injured.

Where will Felix go?

Arsenal and Manchester United have expressed an interest in signing Felix but have been put off by Atletico's financial demands.

The potential cost of signing the attacking midfielder on a six-month loan was initially reported to be as much as £18.5million when taking into account both Atletico's fee and the player's wages.

However, it is now claimed that Atletico are seeking a smaller loan fee in response to the increased tensions at the club, with the cost of signing Felix now thought to be around £12million.

Spanish journalist Miguel Martin Talavera has blamed the tensions on Atletico's extortionate demands, claiming: "Nobody in the middle of the season is going to come with the amount that Atletico is asking for, not even Premier League clubs."

The player has also been spotted out partying, inciting further friction. “He has not even gone to deal with physical problems and has been seen at a New Year’s Eve party. He hasn’t done too much to be here,” Talavera added.

Pulido responded that "Simeone is angry with all of this. He wants to know now if he is staying or not. They told him weeks ago that this was going to be fixed soon. He sees the days going by and this is not solved.

“And the anger is increasing because of what Talavera is saying. The footballer is not as involved as he should be."

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