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Emmanuel Frimpong reveals Arsenal training ground bust-up after Sadio Mane Leroy Sane incident

Emmanuel Frimpong reveals Arsenal training ground bust-up after Sadio Mane Leroy Sane incident

There was an Arsenal training ground bust-up.

Emmanuel Frimpong opened up about a training ground bust-up at Arsenal.

Earlier this month Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane in the face after a bruising Champions League defeat to Manchester City.

The Bayern Munich pair got into an altercation after the club’s humbling 3-0 loss at the Etihad.

Indeed, Sky Germany claimed Sane’s lip was bleeding after an argument which saw the pair needing to be separated by their team-mates in the dressing room.

Bayern Munich subsequently suspended and fined Mane, with the former Liverpool player also made to apologise in front of the squad.

While the incident caused a stir in the media, former Arsenal midfielder Frimpong insisted that such altercations were not uncommon in a highly-charged dressing-room environment.

Frimpong on Arsenal bust-up

Frimpong insisted that fights were commonplace in football, and claimed that a similar incident to Mane and Sane’s altercation had happened at Arsenal.

The Hale End graduate told Lord Ping: “Bust-ups happen in football all the time.

“I remember at Arsenal two players got into one behind closed doors. You just have to brush it off and move on.

“In any relationship, whether it is marriage or friendship, you will have arguments with each other and Leroy Sane and Sadio Mane aren’t any different.

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“You would think that because of their similar names (Sane and Mane), they would get along, but unfortunately they are not! I’m hearing that Mane apologised and they have moved on, I think that is all that matters.”

Frimpong added that Arsenal should make a move for Mane, amid talks Bayern could part ways with the Senegal international after just one season.

He said: “Sadio Mane would be a great signing for Arsenal, especially with the young players that we have, he will be able to play on the wings or down the middle.

“We have players like Trossard, Martinelli and Saka and if we had Mane in the mix to get us through tough competitions, we would be powerful. I can imagine Sadio Mane in an Arsenal shirt for sure.”

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