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Andrew Tate's Hustlers University reportedly put a 'bounty' on KSI's head

Andrew Tate's Hustlers University reportedly put a 'bounty' on KSI's head

A close associate of Andrew Tate reportedly put a 'cancellation bounty' on the head of the YouTuber.

A close associate of Andrew Tate reportedly put a 'bounty' on the head of YouTuber KSI.

The 'cancellation bounty' offered a prize to whichever follower made the most popular video about how the British social media personality 'needs to be condemned and cancelled'.

According to VICE, who spoke to a source who was once a member of Tate's infamous Hustlers University, the ex-followe said these bounties were placed on the heads of the former kickboxer's biggest rivals and enemies.

Andrew Tate is currently incarcerated in Romania.

It was then left with the paying students of the 100,000-strong community to answer the calling, with a reward granted to the most successful one.

On one occasion, YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI was targeted.

A moderator from Hustlers University, using the name “Luc”, gave out instructions asking students to make videos condemning KSI.


Just two days after KSI tweeted “thank God Andrew Tate was banned”, Luc put out a message on the platform.

"@Students, going to make a KSI cancel bounty as well," the post read.

"Whoever gets the most views on a video showing that KSI needs to be condemned and cancelled.

"The world need to know that KSI is a hypocrite, who has done horrible things, and that he should be cancelled himself.

"You have 48 hours for this one.

"be careful not to make it bannable, since KSI says some horrible things. Best vid wins."

Reports from VICE suggest 'Luc' could actually be Tate's own cousin Luke.

After seeing KSI's comments, Tate also publicly spoke out against the internet megastar, sharing a bunch of the YouTuber's old clips before going on a rant about him.

“This is a personal message to you, KSI,” Tate says in a video uploaded to Rumble.

“I had no problem with you, I don’t f**king know you, I don’t watch your bull**it YouTube channel but when I get banned, you want to go from a fan to just instantly cowering out to the matrix? That makes you a hypocrite.

“There's nothing more disgusting in the world than a male hypocrite. You don't stick by your guns. At least Jake Paul was man enough to say, 'stand up for free speech'. If you ever fought Jake, he would smash your f**king face in. And if you want to get smoked twice, I’ll f**king smoke you myself!

“You’re full of s**t, you’re a f**king hypocrite. The s**t you've said in the past is worse than anything I've ever f**king said and you know it. I will take you 12 rounds and I will break every bone in your f**king face. f**king dork. F**k KSI.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Rumble/cobratate

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