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Ajax Share The Greatest Hype Video In Champions League History

Ajax Share The Greatest Hype Video In Champions League History

If you weren't already excited for tonight's Champions League game between Ajax and Benfica then you definitely will be after seeing this.

The Champions League doesn't usually need hyping up too much, but Ajax have found the best way to do it with a perfect video ahead of their game with Benfica.

No football fan needs a reason to watch the Champions League, it's Europe's best clubs competing against each other after earning their place at the table (take note Super League clubs).

Some matches can pass us by a little bit of course and most fans are likely to be tuning into watch Manchester United's last 16 game with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night.

However, if you're looking for some motivation to watch the other game then Ajax have provided it, with one of the most brilliant and beautiful 'adverts' you're likely to see.

In it an Ajax and Benfica fan play chess against each other and with each move talk about a moment or a player in their respective club's history, as they battle over who is best.

The amazing youth academy graduates, achievements and club legends that are mentioned are mind blowing and you'll likely end up with goosebumps down your arms.

"Goosebumps...very respectful as well. What an amazing video," one reply said of the video.

"Goosebumps again! Congratulations to the Media team. You continue to amaze me," another said.

"'Eusébio', 'Johan Cruijff,' that part gave me chills," a third added.

"This might actually just be the greatest matchday tweet ever," a very enthusiastic commenter replied.

"Wasn't quite in hype mode for tonight. Does the media team do this? OK, Let's F***ing Go," someone who was obviously hit exactly how the video wanted them to be hit said.

"Brilliant. Absolutely no words. Tears in my eyes," someone else said, and I'm glad they did because I was worried I might be the only one!

Ajax were last crowned European Champions in 1995. Image: PA Images
Ajax were last crowned European Champions in 1995. Image: PA Images

Whilst the video might not be enough to tempt United fans to not watch their team, and instead tune into the game in Portugal, something else might.

According to a recent survey, more than half of the club's fans want Ajax boss Erik ten Hag to take over the reigns as manager at the end of the season.

Previously it was expected that Mauricio Pochettino was the fans' favourite to take over, once interim manager Ralf Rangnick's time at the helm is over.

On Wednesday they come up against Diego Simeone, with the Argentine perhaps under more pressure than he usually finds himself under.

The team are currently in a battle to finish in the top four this season, and sit in fifth, whilst Simeone was criticised the other week after picking up one of his players who was injured and trying to get him to play on.

Featured Image Credit: Ajax

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