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Aaron Ramsdale reveals most random tactic for putting off penalty taker

Aaron Ramsdale reveals most random tactic for putting off penalty taker

The Arsenal goalkeeper certainly isn't averse to the dark arts of goalkeeping and he came up with the perfect distraction.

Aaron Ramsdale is known for trying to wind up opposing players and fans, and he's revealed a genius method of putting off a striker for a penalty.

Ramsdale is one of those rare characters in football that leads fans to wish there were more of him, even rivals have to admit he's great craic.

The Arsenal goalkeeper was recently seen getting some great banter from Brighton fans but accepting it and giving it back in the right way.

So it comes as no huge surprise to imagine the England keeper wouldn't be averse to attempting some Emiliano Martinez-esque tactics when it came to facing spot kicks.

Talking on a recent podcast, the 24-year-old revealed he once asked the penalty taker the most randomly off putting question he could think of, as you can hear in the video below.

The forward in question was Accrington Stanley's Billy Kee, who missed the penalty against AFC Wimbledon, whilst Ramsdale was on loan there from Bournemouth, in a 1-1 draw.

Ramsdale has conceded seven spot kicks during his time at the Emirates Stadium and has saved two as well, with Bruno Fernandes and Patrick Bamford those who have failed to score.

In recent months his antics have also included some great laughs at the expense of Leeds United fans, and Chelsea supporters.

However, one Tottenham Hotspur fan didn't take too kindly to the former Sheffield United number one's way on answering abuse from rival fans.

After winning the north London derby, Ramsdale turned round to the fans to shush them, only to get approached by Richarlison, before a fan kicked the Gunners' keeper in the back.

Aaron Ramsdale was furious after the fan incident. Image credit: Alamy
Aaron Ramsdale was furious after the fan incident. Image credit: Alamy

Ramsdale question ahead of facing a penalty reminds us of the kind of thing that Martinez was doing at the World Cup to put off takers.

The Argentina stars incredible time wasting and general sh*thousery during the final against France was of particular interest to everyone watching.

He was such a brilliant master of the dark arts that he had the foresight to hand the ball to his own teammates, so Hugo Lloris couldn't attempt to copy his own capers.

Whilst Martinez and Ramsdale do have what it takes to put players off, Kepa Arrizabalaga's own attempts went wrong when he tried it with Julian Alvarez.

It's no surprise really though, Alvarez has to put up with Martinez doing that during training for the national team, so he's used to it!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Alamy

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