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Martin Brundle did not hesitate when naming his worst-ever grid walk while covering F1.

The 65-year-old former racing driver previously represented Bentley, Nissan, Toyota and many others before turning his hand to presenting.

Aside from his 12-year career in Formula One, Brundle is best-known for his commentary work.

Having previously worked for the BBC and ITV, viewers now regularly tune in to Sky Sports to witness Brundle's famous grid-walk interviews with anyone he can find prior to the race beginning.

Pep Guardiola is just one of the many names Brundle has spoken to trackside. Image: Getty
Pep Guardiola is just one of the many names Brundle has spoken to trackside. Image: Getty

Grand Prix races are usually a hotspot for the very biggest names across the world and Brundle does absolutely everything to get even the shortest of interview times with them before the lights go out and away we go.

From Pep Guardiola to Stormzy, the F1 cult hero dives over bodyguards and weaves his way through crowds to ask the questions we all want to hear.

Some interviews go well and others... well not so much. But which one was the worst?

Speaking to SPORTbible, Brundle answered exactly that. "I was in Qatar trying to speak to David Beckham and there were two guys man-marking me," he said.

Brundle's chat with Brad Pitt was iconic.
Sky Sports

"Whereever I went, they were just looking at me! They did not want me to talk to David Beckham on that grid, the World Cup was coming up wasn't it.

"That was a little bit scary because they were literally on the grid to stop me. So, I went round the back of [Lewis] Hamilton's car and they went round the front and kind of just looked at me. That was a little bit odd.

"Shaquille O'Neal [too]. When I'm on American grids, I always put a longer cable on my microphone because I can only just reach their mouths. If the cable is too short, I can't reach! All of their sport stars are just huge.

"Shaq was having a picture with the Red Bull team and Max [Verstappen] and as he walked off after being with them, I went but he wasn't stopping for me. He was like a man mountain.

"I nearly said 'short and sweet' but you can't say that when he is involved."

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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