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"Fans can't enjoy"- Michael van Gerwen reveals why darts is a better sport than Snooker

"Fans can't enjoy"- Michael van Gerwen reveals why darts is a better sport than Snooker

Is darts a better sport than snooker?

Michael van Gerwen has spoken up on the long-standing debate between which is a better sport, darts or snooker.

Both sports are amongst the most popular in the country, with pub culture deeply entwined within both, as well as global stars like Ronnie O'Sullivan and Luke Littler raising the profile of both.

Darts in particular has seen a huge increase in popularity, with Littler captivating the nation with his incredible debut run to the World Championship final aged just 16.

With both being widely considered 'pub games', it's no surprise there is a consistent debate between which is the better sport, as you will often find a dart board and snooker table directly next to each other at your local public house.

The two sports also both have a rather impressive method of victory with the 147 and nine-dart finish amongst the most impressive feats across all sports.

Speaking on the No Passion, No Point podcast recently, three-time Darts World Champion, Van Gerwen gave his opinion on the debate.

The Dutchmen explained that darts offers a much better fan experience, with darts events often having a party atmosphere as opposed to the more serious spectator experience you find in snooker.

“It’s very easy to watch. People love going to the darts, they can do whatever they want. Sorry to say but if they go to the snooker they have to be quiet, you can’t enjoy yourself, you can’t talk," The 34-year-old stated.

Michael van Gerwen- Getty
Michael van Gerwen- Getty

“If you go out with your mates and have a pint watching the darts, I think it’s a lovely combination. And they can dress up, whatever they want," He added.

Van Gerwen has endured a mixed start to 2024 having started spectacularly in this year's Premier League, but he has suffered a significant drop in form and now sits five points off the top of the table in third.

Featured Image Credit: Getty, MMA Hour

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