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Pep Guardiola suggests Manchester City are now part of Europe's ELITE clubs

Pep Guardiola suggests Manchester City are now part of Europe's ELITE clubs

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has pointed towards the changing times in football, and how his side are now part of Europe's elite.

Ever since their much-publicised takeover in 2008, Manchester City have grown into one of the biggest clubs in the world.

The sizable investment made by the Abu Dhabi United Group led to an influx of top players joining the side, and making them the most successful club in England for over a decade.

While the Sky Blues always garnered an incredible amount of support, it was natural that plenty of silverware coupled with their rise as a state-of-the-art global brand has meant Manchester City has cemented a global fanbase.

With fan groups across the world, as well as one of the highest attendances out of any club in the Premier League, City are arguably the fastest-growing side in terms of fan support in Europe.

Pep Guardiola in Champions League action for Manchester City against Real Madrid.
Pep Guardiola in Champions League action for Manchester City against Real Madrid.

Before their rapid ascent into becoming a European powerhouse, several of the continent’s traditional super-clubs were seen to be in a league of their own.

However, Manchester City’s incredible success has meant they have joined this esteemed group, and will only become a bigger and better brand over time.

Pep Guardiola, whose influence on Manchester City’s reign as the dominant force, has played a key role in them establishing their presence as an elite club and has had his say on how times have truly changed.

“We've had a lot of legends; our legend Sergio [Aguero], Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, Joe Hart, David Silva.

"Maybe we could not do it, maybe they could've chose another club - the charisma at Barcelona, [Real] Madrid, Bayern Munich was higher than Manchester City," he admitted.

Pep Guardiola continued, “We are new in the highest hierarchy in Europe, we are new, just one decade and they have a long, long history.

"Maybe you're right, maybe the most followed strikers or players will now come to Manchester City - that is proof that we have done really well.”

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland

The Spaniard revealed how he witnessed the club’s universal support live in the flesh during their recent pre-season tour to the United States.

“In pre-season, in the States five or six years ago, just a few, few blue t-shirts in the stands.

"In these last games against Bayern Munich, Club America, it was a lot! It means people follow Manchester City, people follow the winners, and we won a lot in the last years.

"People support Manchester City all around the world and that is incredible - it's a big, big honour to be part of all of this, to be part of this success.”

Pep Guardiola vs Newcastle
Pep Guardiola vs Newcastle

While there remains a myth that the club has failed to generate a major fanbase, despite their success, Pep Guardiola’s comments render such discourse as baseless as it seems impossible to stunt the progress of the ever-growing City brand.

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