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People can't believe how Tyson Fury signed card in tribute to the Queen

People can't believe how Tyson Fury signed card in tribute to the Queen

Tyson Fury paid tribute to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

People can't believe how Tyson Fury signed his card in tribute to the Queen following her passing last Thursday.

Fury paid tribute to the Queen at the gates of Buckingham Palace as he laid flowers.

The WBC world heavyweight champion was joined by wife, Paris.

And when the message on the flowers was photographed by an observer and posted online, people couldn't believe how the self-proclaimed 'Gypsy King' signed off the card.

The card read: "To Our Queen.

"Great may your bed be in Heaven.

"Love from Tyson and Paris xx.

"Gypsy King x."

One Twitter user wrote alongside crying emoji: "No way he signed off his letter to the deceased Queen with 'Gypsy King'."

A second wrote: "From one monarch to another. Beautiful to see."

A third added: "This guy never takes a day off from the PR."

Another commented: "Not only is he a real fighting man and a true champion he is a man of his word. The Gypsy King is THE MAN [sic]."

David Beckham also paid his respects as he joined thousands of people queueing to see the Queen lying in state.

The former Manchester United star confirmed to Sky News that he joined the queue at 2am on Friday morning, with many not recognising him until the afternoon.

Fans took selfies with Beckham which reportedly brought the queue to a standstill.

He then apologised for any disruption caused.

Beckham told reporters: "This day was always going to be a difficult day. Our thoughts are with the family, it's very special to hear all of the stories from people here.

"The most special moment for me was to receive my OBE. I took my grandparents with me who were huge royalists.

"I was so lucky that I was able to have a few moments like that in my life to be around Her Majesty.

"It's a sad day, but a day to remember."

Featured Image Credit: via Twitter

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