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Footage of 17-year-old Tommy Fury leaves fans concerned ahead of Jake Paul fight

Footage of 17-year-old Tommy Fury leaves fans concerned ahead of Jake Paul fight

Footage has emerged of a youthful Tommy Fury, and it doesn't make for pretty viewing.

Footage of a youthful Tommy Fury has drawn criticism online as the former Love Island star prepares to end his rivalry with Jake Paul next month.

The feud between Paul and Fury has been draw out over the last two years, with the two set to finally go head-to-head inside the boxing ring in Saudi Arabia next month.

It is the third time in which the two have arranged a date for the fight, with Fury pulling out of the first two due to visa issue and a rib injury respectively.

Speaking to BT Sport Boxing in January, Fury boasted that "there is no chance or no way that he (Paul) could beat me in a fight." brandishing Paul as "useless" and declaring that "his boxing fundamentals are awful."

Much has been made of the 23-year-old's bloodline, with the former Love Island star's half-brother none other than two-time heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury.

But despite being born into a fighting family, fans have grown concerned for 'TNT's prospects of victory, after footage of one of his early amateur fight's circulated on social media.

Footage (watch it above) showcases a 17-year-old Fury in an amateur bout with Mehran Khan back in 2016, and it doesn't make for pretty viewing.

Whilst Fury picks up the win via split-decision, his performance leaves much to be desired for any boxing purists in attendance.

A youthful Fury sprints out of his corner upon the first bell, and seemingly appears more interested in spending time in the clinch with his opponent then going toe-to-toe.

It is worth noting that Fury has developed his trade significantly since this fight, and sits with a perfect 8-0-0 record through his first eight professional fights, with four of those victories coming by the way of knockout.

Paul on the other hand - who isn't known to have had an amateur background in the sport - has six victories from his first six fights, although he has drawn criticism for his choice of opponents, having failed to fight a recognised boxer in his career to date.

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