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KSI Believes He Could Beat Mike Tyson In A Boxing Bout

KSI Believes He Could Beat Mike Tyson In A Boxing Bout

KSI believes he could beat Mike Tyson in a boxing bout and explained his reasoning.

After two white collar bouts, the YouTube star and rapper turned professional last year and beat rival Logan Paul in a money-spinning debut under the Eddie Hearn banner at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

In a recent video on the Sidemen YouTube channel, KSI was asked if he could beat former heavyweight world champion Tyson, who is returning to the ring with an exhibition bout against Roy Jones in November at the age of 54.


Not lacking in confidence, the 27-year-old made an incredibly bold claim that he has the capacity to best the Baddest Man on the Planet.


"I actually could though, I actually could, " he replied.

"I'm undefeated, no-one has beaten me."

Other members of the group, which includes Harry Shaw aka WroetoShaw and Ethan 'Behzinga' Payne, were understandably not having it at all and a joke question about whether 'Iron Mike' would draw with Logan Paul ensued.


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KSI then went on to say that he thinks the 27-year age gap would prove key in a fight.

He added: The reason why - age is on my side. Age is on my side.

WBC Make Huge Change To Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Exhibition Fight On November 28

WBC Make Huge Change To Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Exhibition Fight On November 28

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"In the first few rounds I ain't going [all out]."

Told he wouldn't last the opening rounds, he ended up texting his trainer Viddal Riley to ask for his verdict.


"Viddal said, 'Nah, man.'" KSI revealed the response he received.

"He said, 'You'd have to survive three rounds of three minutes, then possibly.'"

There has been recent talk of Paul taking on undefeated Floyd Mayweather in a shock super-fight, which has annoyed KSI given he beat 'The Maverick' on points.

"This ain't happening," KSI said of Mayweather vs Paul on his YouTube channel.


"Why the f*** would Mayweather say yes to this? Why would he fight the loser of me and Logan?

"I was A-side for both fights. Surely Mayweather would just want to fight the winner of me versus Logan, it just makes more sense.

Whenever I do events like the Sidemen football match, we sell thousands of tickets. I'm the bigger draw when it comes to boxing because I defeated the one who started it - Joe Weller - and defeated Logan Paul himself.

"So why would Mayweather want to fight second best when he could just easily fight the best?"

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