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Tommy Fury made Tyson Fury look foolish with swing and miss and sparring, KSI could be in big trouble

Tommy Fury made Tyson Fury look foolish with swing and miss and sparring, KSI could be in big trouble

Tommy Fury sparred Tyson Fury ahead of his fight against KSI.

Tommy Fury made Tyson Fury look foolish as he swinged and missed during an eye-opening sparring session.

Tommy is in training camp ahead of his highly-anticipated clash against KSI next month.

He hasn't fought since his big win over Jake Paul last February, with the 24-year-old drafting in his older brother for sparring.

Tyson is also in preparation for a massive showdown as he faces former UFC champion Francis Ngannou on October 28.

Ahead of their respective fights in October, Tommy and Tyson sparred and there was a clear winner.

Tommy made Tyson swing thin air as he showed off his reflex. Despite the size difference, 'TNT' backed up the WBC world heavyweight champion in the ring.

They continued to exchange and trade punches to the body before the spar came to an end.

Tommy vs KSI headlines a stacked card on October 14 in Manchester, and they sat down face-to-face as they had a heated verbal exchange.

During their face-off, the social media star claimed Tyson doesn't hit hard, which stunned the 9-0 fighter.

Tommy said: "You're telling me you hit harder than the best fighter in the world, Tyson Fury?"

KSI responded: "I hit harder than Jake Paul."

But Tommy interjected and said: "No, I'm talking about Tyson, because I've been getting hit off Tyson my whole life, so what makes you think that you can do similar to me?"

KSI said: "Tyson doesn't hit hard like people like Wilder and s*** like that. How many times did Wilder drop him?"

And in response, Tommy said: "Guys, guys, who knocked out Wilder? Tyson knocked him out. This is what this proves about boxing. You don't know boxing."

KSI hasn't fought since his no-contest against Joe Fournier last May.

Tommy, meanwhile, will look to take out another YouTuber personality, having defeated Paul in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Fury

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