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Mike Tyson named surprise pick for the 'best boxer' he ever faced in the ring

Mike Tyson named surprise pick for the 'best boxer' he ever faced in the ring

Mike Tyson has revealed the best boxer he ever faced during his career and given reasons why the surprising name was so difficult to fight.

Mike Tyson has revealed which fighter was the overall 'best boxer' he faced throughout his illustrious boxing career.

Renowned as one of the most feared fighters in boxing history, Tyson, also known as 'Iron Mike,' made history at the age of 20 by becoming the youngest heavyweight champion ever.

Tyson swiftly unified all the titles within a year, establishing himself as the dominant figure in boxing during the late 1980s. His reign reached its pinnacle with a historic 91-second knockout victory over the previously undefeated Michael Spinks, further cementing his legendary status in the sport at a remarkably young age.

In an interview with Ring Magazine, Tyson opened up on his opponents throughout the years, ranking them across a range of specific boxing skills.

When pressed on who the best boxer he ever faced, Tyson named Tony Tucker, who he beat in a unanimous decision in 1987.

"Tony Tucker, (The best boxer) he had an excellent jab, moved well, and was very tough to hit clean, I had to be certain to slip well to keep from getting tagged," Tyson explained.

Tucker retired in 1998 with a record of 58 wins (47 by knockout), seven losses, and one draw.

Tyson vs Tucker- Getty
Tyson vs Tucker- Getty

The former heavyweight champion also named Jose Ribalta as his strongest opponent throughout the years.

Tyson continued: "Jose Ribalta stood toe to toe with me. He was very strong in the clinches."

Tyson also commented on whether he had regretted anything during his career during the interview, and the now 57-year-old gave the one opponent he wished he had the chance to fight.

“I would have liked to fight George Foreman, there have been many fans who wondered who was the bigger puncher," Tyson explained.

"I would have liked to put an end to the discussion – one way or the other.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty and Hotboxin with Mike Tyson

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