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Mike Tyson loses his cool after a fan accidentally punches him in the face during a sparring session

Mike Tyson loses his cool after a fan accidentally punches him in the face during a sparring session

Iron Mike was NOT happy with the fan.

Mike Tyson lost his cool with a fan while hitting pads after the fan accidentally hit him in the face.

Tyson is currently training for his highly controversial fight with YouTuber turned professional boxer, Jake Paul.

The fight has faced vast criticism from those high up in the boxing scene, with many calling out the significant 31 age difference between the two fighters.

The announcement of the fight came last month and sent shockwaves through the combat sports community.

The event will be shown live on Netflix, with the streaming giant set to broadcast the event from the AT&T Stadium on July 20th, marking their first venture into live combat sports.

Dana White recently confirmed that Tyson is taking the fight extremely seriously, and footage of the 57-year-old sparring has backed up this claim.

Things didn't exactly go to plan in a recent spar with a fan when the fan accidentally caught Tyson in the face while hitting pads.

With such a big fight coming up, and Tyson now at the age where injury is more likely it was clear the former heavyweight champ wasn't pleased with the fan and made sure to warn him.

"Calm down, calm down, If anyone hits them I'm gonna f*ck them up," Tyson said in the clip via his Snapchat.

"I'm just letting you know you made a mistake I'm gonna f*ck you up," He added.

While Tyson seemed to let the fan off the hook, punching Mike Tyson in the face isn't something you should be aiming to do very often unless you're a fan of the hospital.

Mike Tyson- Getty
Mike Tyson- Getty

The rules of the fight have recently been confirmed, with the bout being confirmed as an exhibition rather than a professional fight.

Speaking to Fox News, 'Iron Mike' confirmed this, but had a message to fans who were disappointed at this news assuring them it would be a proper fight.

Tyson said: “This is called an exhibition, but if you look up exhibition, you will not see any of the laws that we are fighting under, this is a fight."

Featured Image Credit: Mike Tyson snapchat

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