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Dana White 'makes U-turn' on Mike Tyson fighting Jake Paul after receiving one phone call

Dana White 'makes U-turn' on Mike Tyson fighting Jake Paul after receiving one phone call

Dana White has made a U-turn on the Mike Tyson Jake Paul situation.

Dana White has had his worries over Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul squished after speaking with the former heavyweight champion's wife about Tyson's preparations.

The UFC boss had previously slammed both Paul and Tyson for their decision to take part in the bout, with White raising serious concern over the significant age gap between the fighters.

"When the fight happens he'll be 58 years old, it will be a 31 age difference. You know Jake Paul did fight a kid his own age and he lost," White explained on the 'Pound 4 Pound' podcast.

Paul is fresh off a comprehensive victory over Ryan Bourland earlier this month, as he continues in his attempt to rise the boxing ranks and will step into the ring with Tyson on July 20th this year.

Speaking on Lex Fridman's podcast, White again made the point he wasn't particularly happy with Tyson's decision but admitted there is nothing he can do.

"I love Mike Tyson and I'm not a fan of anybody fighting at our age, but he's a grown man obviously and he's going to do what he's going to do," White said.

He also explained a lot of his initial concerns had been calmed following a conversation with Tyson's wife where she revealed how seriously the 57-year-old is taking the challenge.

"At least I know, I talked to his wife a couple of days ago and he's taking it serious and he's training for it and you know, we'll see how it plays out," White explained.

Mike Tyson- Getty
Mike Tyson- Getty

On the podcast, the UFC boss continued to heap praise on Tyson but admitted he found it slightly odd the former boxer would agree to the fight considering his other methods of making money.

"I think Mike Tyson is one of the most unique guys who have crossed over, any of the other fighters from his generation have no way of making money without fighting and Mike Tyson has made a lot of money outside of fighting," White stated.

"Tyson still has that aura that if he walked in a restaurant, you'd be like holy f*ck that's Mike Tyson."

Featured Image Credit: Lex Fridman, Jake Paul FB

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