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KSI vs Tommy Fury fight 'almost cancelled' over bizarre toilet dispute

KSI vs Tommy Fury fight 'almost cancelled' over bizarre toilet dispute

Once again, John Fury was at the front of the controversy.

KSI and Tommy Fury's highly-anticipated fight is said to have been 'almost cancelled' after a dispute erupted over the location of the weigh-in.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is set to face off against Mancunian Fury at the AO Arena on Saturday night but concerns were raised over Friday's weigh-in, which reportedly took place in a bathroom.

John Fury, father of Tommy, threatened to call off proceedings if it was not moved to a different position.

In a video uploaded to Misfits Boxing YouTube channel, Fury's latest outburst was captured for all to see.

As reported by talkSPORT, Fury threatened to call off the fight if the scales for the weigh-in were not moved to a different location.

"You can't weigh on that f***ing thing, it's on the carpet. What the f*** is going on here?," said Fury.

John then further continued: "Listen pal, I'm not trying to shout, I'm just telling you.

"We'll call the thing off then. We'll call the f***ing thing off then. F*** him. We'll call the f***ing thing off then."

He wasn't finished yet though, adding: "Weigh on a hard a surface, not a carpet.

"It's bulls***. You're in the bentest sport in the world, mate. Forget it."

Even Tommy agreed the whole organisation needed a rethink, adding: "Come on, a hard surface. You know that."

KSI and Tommy Fury is a heavily-anticipated bout (

Events in Manchester are set to begin at around 7pm this evening, with the main event expected to take place at around 11.30pm.

Dillon Danis, Astrid Wett, King Kenny and Salt Papi are set to take to the ring, with millions around the world expected to tune in.

Fury himself will be bidding to take his professional record to 10-0 with victory over 30-year-old influencer KSI, as he looks to follow up on his previously victory against Jake Paul back in February.

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