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KSI to appeal Tommy Fury decision after claiming he was 'robbed' in controversial defeat

KSI to appeal Tommy Fury decision after claiming he was 'robbed' in controversial defeat

KSI was furious.

KSI has claimed he was 'robbed' in suffering a majority decision defeat to Tommy Fury on the Misfits Boxing Card - and wants to appeal the result.

The social media went toe to toe with Fury over six rounds at the AO Arena in Manchester, with many believing that he had done enough to win the bout.

But in a controversial result, Fury was announced as the winner via majority decision - and KSI was incensed after hearing the call.

Following a confrontation with the winner, KSI told interviewer Ariel Helwani of his intention to appeal, calling the result a 'robbery'.

While facing Fury, he exclaimed: "It's a robbery, bro. How many jabs did you land? You got hardly any shots off."

When Fury claimed he was the one pushing the pace of the fight and throwing the shots, KSI continued: "You weren't landing. Look at your face. Look at your eyes, look at you, bro."

When asked about whether he wants a rematch, KSI replied: "Yes. It was a robbery, bro.

"[I won] rounds one to three, and one point off. How did I lose a six-rounder? Unreal.

"He's the man that's meant to be the pro boxer, and he won a majority decision. It's outrageous."

The social media star then criticised Fury for the amount of shots he attempted to the back of his head, for which he was deducted one point.

Finally, when probed about whether he would want a rematch, KSI left viewers in no doubt: "We're going to appeal. I want to appeal.

"I'm sorry, that is outrageous. We need to see it again. I felt like I won that."

Fury, meanwhile, had earlier said of his victory: "I fought my heart out in here, I fought my absolute heart out. That's all I can do.

"I said from day one - there's never going to be another Tyson Fury, I'm just trying to be the best Tommy Fury I can be.

"He [KSI] is an awkward man, I'll give him that. At the end of the day, I got the victory - I'm 10-0.

"I'm done with all this crossover s**t - I'm done with that."

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