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KSI slams Tommy Fury for choice of sparring partner in explosive outburst

KSI slams Tommy Fury for choice of sparring partner in explosive outburst

KSI hasn't reacted lightly to the news.

KSI has launched a scathing attack on Tommy Fury after recent footage emerged of the 24-year-old sparring.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has criticised the level of opponent Fury has seemingly chosen to warm-up against, ahead of their upcoming bout at the AO Arena in Manchester this weekend.

Neither KSI nor Fury are yet to have posted a loss on their otherwise clean professional records, although 30-year-old Olatunji has only previous fought in a non-exhibition contest once.

But it was underdog JJ who blasted former Love Island-star Tommy for his training routines, claiming he is merely underestimating his skill set ahead of the bout.

Taking to Instagram, KSI posted: He wrote: "How f***ing dare you? You're not taking me seriously at all you f***ing piece of s***.

"I'm preparing myself for the ULTIMATE challenge and THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SPARRING WITH?!?!

"A middleweight with s*** movement and weak ass punches?!"

As you can imagine, middleweight Owen Kirk, who was pictured to have been sparring Fury, did not take the news lightly and responded with his choice words for the London-born boxer.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, Kirk replied: "@KSI six days until you are finished. Give me any of your fighters 160lbs - 180lbs."

KSI and Tommy Fury is a heavily-anticipated bout (

The vast gap in experience and boxing know-how has seen KSI observed as the B-side heading into the fight, something his trainer Alexis Demetriades is keen to dismiss himself.

Demetriades said: "From where he was at when he first came to where he is now, he’s come on leaps and bounds.

"He’s only sparring professional boxers, this whole camp, forget MMA fighters, forget amateurs.

“He’s sparring guys 14-0, 13-0, 12-2, 8-0, 6-0, all with knockouts and all ranked by the British Boxing Board of Control.

“If they think that we’re not taking this seriously, we’ve got guys who are ranked higher than Tommy Fury in the gym.

"And they’re not just moving around, they’re trying to kill JJ and there’s bonus money on the table for them to knock him out.

“From a coaching point of view, all I want to do is put the correct guys in front on KSI and see whether or not he can deal with that and if he can’t then he shouldn’t be fighting."

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