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Jake Paul got first round knockout but fans think he should of been disqualified

Jake Paul got first round knockout but fans think he should of been disqualified

The YouTube star chalked up his ninth professional win with a knockout against Ryan Bourland

Jake Paul chalked up the ninth victory of his professional boxing career on Saturday night - but fans think the YouTube star should have been disqualified.

The 27-year-old took on Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico and earned victory with a technical knockout in just the first round.

Paul's boxing record now stands at nine victories and just one defeat, which came against Tommy Fury last year.

After beating Bourland, Paul has now turned his attentions to taking on super-middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.

Speaking to DAZN, Paul said: "I mean, he was supposed to give it to me, right? This guy has 19 fights, he's super experienced. I guess we've got to step it up way more.

"But I'm ready. I'm getting sharp. This is my life now, and, like I said, I'm on the road to becoming a world champion.

"Canelo, stop ducking. I know you want it. I'm repping Puerto Rico, you're repping Mexico, so it's Puerto Rico vs Mexico.

"I want Canelo. I want all the biggest names. Like I said, I'm the face of this sport. Truly, who's doing more for boxing than me? I keep on proving myself time and time again."

Alvarez is vastly more experienced than Paul, as the 33-year-old has 64 bouts to his name and an impressive 60 victories, 39 of which were knockouts, with two wins and two draws.

Though Paul has now set his sights upon his next challenge, there are question marks from his latest win.

Taking to the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, fans believe Paul should have been disqualified after appearing to catch Bourland with blows to the back of his head.

@bl_epe wrote: "Multiple shots to the back of head should be a DQ."

@ValleyZoomerVZ posted: "How many shots to the back of the head was that?? Should’ve been a disqualification."

@TheChrisMoreno wrote: "In a real boxing match, the multiple shots to the back of the head would have led to a DQ. Carry on…"

@sadboiOG posted: "Them back of the head blows tho."

@audjuice9989 wrote: "Wait aren’t you allowed to hit the back of the head while boxing?"

@RezMeMagic posted: "4 shots to the back of the head Disqualified if anyone else."

@BigMallTVyt wrote: "I ain’t even know it was a fight going on. Bad promotion. And he was hitting dude in the back of the head."

If you've not seen it yet, have a look below and make your mind up.

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