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Planned Jake Paul fight 'set for delay' with it now 'unlikely to take place this year'

Planned Jake Paul fight 'set for delay' with it now 'unlikely to take place this year'

Jake Paul returns to action this summer when he faces boxing legend Mike Tyson.

A planned fight for Jake Paul has been delayed ahead of his blockbuster clash against Mike Tyson.

Paul, who beat Ryan Bourland last month, returns to the ring on July 20 when he welcomes Tyson back to the sport.

His exhibition bout against the 57-year-old is set to take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and will be aired on Netflix - a move which has been praised by WWE icon Triple H.

Even though he has Tyson on his radar, Paul has plenty of options on the table, including a rematch against Tommy Fury.

Not to mention his MMA debut, which has been delayed and is unlikely to take place this year, according to PFL boss Donn Davis.

"The good news is, if people didn't think Jake was serious about combat, he's proven to be serious," he explained.

"He's certainly got better. He's doubled down on boxing at the minute, there's no question about it."

Davis added: "There was a time when he might have done 50/50 of both and right now it looks like he might be 90/10 in favour of boxing over MMA.

"So, his development in MMA is not coming along as quickly as we thought. Will he fight for the PFL? One hundred per cent.

"Will he move to MMA? One hundred per cent. Is the timing delayed? It is."

Paul, 27, penned a deal with the MMA promotion back in January 2023.

The YouTuber-turned-fighter is set to compete in the Super Fight division and is expected to receive at least 50 per cent of the pay-per-view revenue.

'The Problem Child' will have an MMA fight in his career as he boasts wins over UFC legends Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz.

He beat Woodley, Silva and Diaz under boxing rules, but he's slated to fight in a cage in the near future.

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