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The command Floyd Mayweather tells 'The Money Team' when ordering them to attack

The command Floyd Mayweather tells 'The Money Team' when ordering them to attack

Floyd Mayweather has an incredible list of requirements needed to join 'The Money Team'.

Floyd Mayweather's entourage is one of the biggest and most powerful in the game and there are slew of ridiculous requirements for joining.

'The Money Team' are not only tasked with protecting the undefeated 50-0 boxer in public but also the substantial amounts of cash he regularly carries with him.

They are paid extremely well, with reports saying some are said to earn around $150,000-a-year.

The team also get to travel on a separate private jet as well as receive one or two pieces of jewellery.

But it's not always an easy ride working for the 47-year-old as he expects his bodyguards to go on the attack as soon as he utters a command.

During the press conference with Conor McGregor ahead of their 2017 superfight, Mayweather shouted at his crew to 'Form Voltron'.

It sounded like something out of a Marvel movie but 15-time world champion was demanding the TMT go on the attack and surround McGregor.

A huge fracas occurred when McGregor's team also showed they were game for a scrap.

Mayweather, who has had multiple altercations with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, has also been known to yell "sick them" - which also means activating his mob into action.

One of Mayweather's bodyguards, Alfonso Redick, stands at a ridiculous 7ft and is quite rightly nicknamed 'Big Church'.

But another of his personal minders, Jizzy Mack - once labelled a "juicehead turkey" by McGregor – suffered a brutal knockout defeat back in September 2022.

Image credit: Getty Images
Image credit: Getty Images

Mack previously fought on the undercard of Mayweather's exhibition bout against Mikauru Asakura over in Japan.

He took on a much smaller opponent in kickboxer Kouzi but was finished off in the third round.

Kouzi put him on the canvas on multiple occasions and after a final flurry of punches, Mack was put to the sword when the referee waved away the contest.

Maybe he was waiting for the order from Mayweather, who won later on in the night and collected a cool £20 million.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images

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