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Boxer who 'knocked Floyd Mayweather's tooth out' wears it around his neck

Boxer who 'knocked Floyd Mayweather's tooth out' wears it around his neck

Floyd Mayweather fought Marcos Maidana on two occasions, winning both on points - but the Argentine claims he got a piece of 'Money'.

A boxer who fought Floyd Mayweather twice claims to have a necklace with his tooth in it.

Marcos Maidana took on 'Money' and was second best in both bouts, losing each meeting on points back in 2014.

But the Argentine did have his moments inside the squared circle, particularly in the second fight for the welterweight titles at the iconic MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

The former world champion landed a devastating right hook just three rounds into the contest and caught Mayweather flush on the jaw.

Slow-mo footage of the punch appeared to show his tooth flying out as a result of the impact and years later, Maidana claimed he still has that same tooth as a memento.

Bizarrely, he's now wearing the tooth in a pendant and took to Instagram to show his followers.

Tagging Mayweather, he wrote: "How much will Perez mouse give me?"

Mayweather has always strongly denied that he did not lose a tooth as a result of the shot.

Speaking post-fight, he said: "In the third round, when he hit me with that shot after the bell, it was a real good shot. It got my attention. It was nothing I never felt before, but it was a really good shot which got my attention.

"No, he didn't knock my teeth out. Not at all! He's a strong guy, he's a good puncher, but no, as far as my teeth missing, absolutely not."

The first bout was a little controversial and saw Maidana get his rematch following a majority decision. But the second was a comfortable unanimous points victory for Mayweather.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Maidana has not stepped in the ring again since his fifth and final career loss against Mayweather in his 40th fight and announced his retirement from the sport in 2016.

Explaining his decision, he wrote: " After a long time out of the ring and after giving it a lot of thought since my last fight I've decided to hang up the gloves for good. Probably my decision would not surprise much as I had given hints of it in the last few months. But at this time I am making it official."

Featured Image Credit: DAZN & Instagram/@chinomaidana.1

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