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Dana White didn't hold back in huge rant about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight

Dana White didn't hold back in huge rant about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight

Dana White is NOT impressed.

Dana White has unleashed a fresh rant on the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight, as the UFC boss continues to slam the YouTuber turned professional boxer.

Paul, fresh off a significant victory over Ryan Bourland earlier this month, is set to step back into the ring on July 20th for a showdown against Tyson at AT&T Stadium.

Their highly anticipated Texas bout will be broadcast on Netflix, adding to the excitement surrounding the event. However, concerns have arisen as a doctor has issued a health warning to the boxing icon ahead of his return to the ring.

The controversial bout has divided fans and members of the combat sports community, with many strongly criticizing both Tyson and Paul for agreeing to fight.

One of the most vocal cynics is UFC boss Dana White who has made his opinion very clear despite his positive relationship with Tyson.

"I love Mike and I hate talking about it because he always gets mad at me when I talk about this stuff," White explained on the 'Pound 4 Pound' podcast.

Like many who have voiced their concern following the fight announcement, White's main issue comes from the severe age difference between the two fighters.

"When the fight happens he'll be 58 years old, it will be a 31 age difference. You know Jake Paul did fight a kid his own age and he lost," White continued.

"I saw this thing on the internet yesterday that if he beats Mike Tyson he'll fight Clint Eastwood next, Clint Eastwood is 93 years old," The UFC boss joked.

Jake Paul- Getty
Jake Paul- Getty

White even accused Paul of not being in it for the sport, despite the 27-year-old always insisting he wants to become a world champion in boxing eventually.

When the topic of Paul being a respected fighter came up, White interrupted former UFC champion Kamara Usman to make his feelings extremely clear.

"But he doesn't, he doesn't want to be a respected fighter what Jake wants is to make money, people who follow Jake Paul don't buy Jake Paul's fights so Jake Paul has to fight people who can sell actual pay-per-views," White ranted.

Featured Image Credit: Getty and POUND4POUND

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