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Jake Paul slammed for 'disrespectful' dig at Mike Tyson as Tyson Fury told to 'look in the mirror'

Jake Paul slammed for 'disrespectful' dig at Mike Tyson as Tyson Fury told to 'look in the mirror'

Carl Froch has called out Jake Paul.

Carl Froch has slammed both Jake Paul and Tyson Fury following comments made in the build-up to Paul's controversial fight with Mike Tyson.

The fight is scheduled for the 20th of July at the AT&T stadium, with Netflix making its first foray into live combat sports by exclusively streaming the event.

Many have been quick to criticise the boat, with UFC boss Dana White quick to call out the 31-age difference between the two fighters.

Another who has made his feelings on the fight very clear is former professional boxer Carl Froch. With a highly commendable professional record of 33 wins and 2 losses, Foch retired from the sport in 2015 but still makes his voice heard in the boxing world.

In a recent interview with Instant Casinos, Froch called out Tyson Fury for his defense of Paul with Fury having stated influencer boxing is a good thing for the sport.

“No, it's not good for boxing. For Tyson Fury to say that it's good for boxing…he needs to look in the mirror, have a look at what he's done, have a look at what professional fighters do and what they go through, and then think to himself, this is Jake Paul, a performing clown jumping in there with a 57-year-old man, who is a legend and an icon in professional boxing," Froch explained.

The 46-year-old continued to pull no punches and admitted he would love to see Tyson knock the YouTuber out.

“He’s an absolute f**king idiot for fighting Mike Tyson. It's wrong. It should be stopped. Listen, I hope Tyson goes in there for 30 seconds, unleashes hell on Jake Paul, flattens him, and does boxing proud. Jake Paul’s been dead disrespectful as well in his build-up," Froch admitted.

Jake Paul- Getty
Jake Paul- Getty

Froch also personally called Paul out for a potential fight in the future.

"He's been biting ears off and trying to mimic Mike Tyson and copy him. I just don't find it funny. If he had any bollocks about him, he'd fight me, wouldn't he? I'd love to punch his teeth down the back of his throat," Froch firmly stated.

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