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Mike Tyson Is Making An Insane Amount Of Money On Personalised Video Service Cameo

Mike Tyson Is Making An Insane Amount Of Money On Personalised Video Service Cameo

'Iron Mike' has recently joined the app and he's become one of the biggest stars on it.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Mike Tyson has signed up for personalised video service Cameo and he's quickly become one of the biggest stars on the platform.

Cameo is an service allows you to pay for personalised messages from all kinds of celebrities and it's become a cultural phenomenon in recent years.

'Iron Mike' is the latest name to join the service and TMZ have reported he's immediately begun raking the cash in.


Former heavyweight champion Tyson is charging $300 per video and has already earned $20,000 in his six hours on the website.

Imagine all your mates putting to and getting someone a birthday message from 'The Baddest Man on the Planet' or maybe even something more formal like a marriage proposal.

Incredible stuff.

The service has ran since 2017 but has risen in prominence recently as many different athletes have signed up.


Cameo have reported that the service has seen a 30% increase in bookings this week which is likely down to the mass quarantine many are under due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Should you be interested in using the service, there are a variety of sporting personalities you can hire with some even more expensive than Tyson.

Former Chelsea manager Avram Grant charges $1000 for his messages - but the proceeds go to charity.

Avram Grant charges £1000 for personalised messages. Image: Cameo
Avram Grant charges £1000 for personalised messages. Image: Cameo

As well as Grant you can also hire former England striker Darren Bent for $500.

Former Manchester United midfielder Adnan Januzaj charges slightly less at $300 but older United fans might appreciate a message from Viv Anderson for $200.

Premier League winning captain Tony Adam as well as former Chelsea duo Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Adrian Mutu all charge $100.

UFC legend Chuck Liddell, who hasn't been shy in his discussions about a potential street fight with Tyson, charges $125 for his services.

Meanwhile, 53-year-old Tyson recently sat down with TheSportsman to discuss a variety of topics.

When asked about the fame that comes with boxing, Tyson dropped some pearls of wisdom.

"Boxing is such an enigma as a sport," he explained. "This is what really matters: in two hundred years from now, there will probably only be five fighters that people will remember. That's what it's all about.

"It's not about having money or becoming rich. That they won't stop mentioning your name until the planet's disintegrated: that's what this is really about.

"People are stating their names in the art of pugilist, fisticuff, combat, fighting. I like the word 'fighting'."

Featured Image Credit: PA & Cameo

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