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David Haye Still Wants To Fight Tyson Fury After Getting Deontay Wilder Fight Prediction Wrong

David Haye Still Wants To Fight Tyson Fury After Getting Deontay Wilder Fight Prediction Wrong

David Haye still wants to fight Tyson Fury after getting Deontay Wilder prediction wrong.

James Hilsum

James Hilsum

David Haye got his prediction wrong once again after tipping Deontay Wilder to beat Tyson Fury in the third fight of their trilogy series.

Fury ultimate prevailed with an 11th-round stoppage, and Haye was forced to eat his own words once again after also tipping the Alabama ace to win both of the first two fights.

"I definitely got it wrong," Haye told iFL TV after the fight.

"I thought Wilder, now he was coming in both guns blazing, that would be enough to take Fury out if the opportunity arose. I knew at some stage it would.

"It nearly happened, he heavily put Fury down a couple of times.

"And to Tyson Fury's credit he was able to shake them off, get back up and put it straight back on Wilder.

"Not only was it a great performance by Fury, he took Wilder's best - the heaviest single punching heavyweight probably ever - and he took it clean in the forehead, it shook him to his boots.

"That same shot has knocked out 41 people in the past."

PA: David Haye
PA: David Haye

Haye came out of retirement once again for an exhibition bout with Joe Fournier last month, where he first called out Fury. He is now equally keen to take on the Gypsy King.

"I'd be like 1000/1 underdog, for good reason," Haye continued.

"Something's gonna happen in the next two months where they're gonna be looking for an opponent.

"I know how big-time boxing works. I'm just saying, there's gonna be a time where they're gonna need an opponent.

"And ideally if you want an opponent, you want an opponent that makes the most money out of all of the fights.

"So, FYI, the 'Hayemaker' is in the gym."

PA: John Fury
PA: John Fury

But a match with Fury is unlikely if Tyson's Fury dad, John, has any say in the matter. He delivered a damning assessment of Haye after tipping his son to lose to Wilder in an explosive interview with talkSPORT.

"I'm not even gonna discuss that, that man's an idiot," he said. "I don't know why BT send him out there, he's just a hater.

"I'm not knocking his achievements, he did a brilliant job as world champion, but he needs to grow up and get a personality.

"I've got no respect for that man at all, none."

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