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A Four Minute Video Of 'Jake Paul Getting Exposed' By His Opponent Is Going Viral

A Four Minute Video Of 'Jake Paul Getting Exposed' By His Opponent Is Going Viral

During the presser, Hasim Rahman Jr accused Paul of jumping up on the ring's turnbuckles like a WWE superstar after a sparring session.

To date, everyone that Jake Paul has fought has come off second best – not just in the ring, but during the build-up too.

As a viewer, it's so frustrating to see his upcoming opponents stutter and stumble through their pre-fight press conferences, offering very little in terms of mental warfare.

Even though Paul isn't particularly articulate, for some reason he always seems to come out on top in the verbal exchanges.

Until now, it seems.

Prior to the fight announcement, Hasim Rahman Jr was primarily known as a the son of boxing legend, boasting a record of 12 wins and one loss.

But Rahman Jr has already achieved what others who have come before him have failed to do: school Jake Paul.

A video of Rahman Jr 'exposing Jake Paul for 4 minutes straight' is now doing the round online and it has already racked up a fair few views.

In the compilation of their press conference, Rahman Jr brings some cold hard facts to the table, leaving Paul scrambling for responses.

"I'm here to end this facade he's calling a career," he said at one point.

At one point during the press conference, Paul brought up the duo's previous sparring session, claiming that Rahman Jr was "a little bit nervous about what happened".

But the 31-year-old hit back.

"Don't turn your back and run like we did when we sparred," Rahman Jr responded.

Claiming there was some sort of handicap in place last time, he added: "I will be using both hands. I only used one hand when I sparred him. He can't spar with one hand, he's not at that level.

"I promise you, he turned his back and ran from me.

"This is what his camp does. 'Listen Rahman, don't do that. Don't switch to southpaw.'

"There's always a handicap with him so don't get too confident... I don't know what he thinks is going on but he's definitely barking up the wrong tree."

But when Jake Paul threatened to release the footage from said training session, instead of cowering away from the claims, Rahman Jr urged and begged the YouTuber to post it.

As we speak, Paul hasn't released the full footage.


But perhaps the most brutal swipe came when Rahman Jr accused Paul of jumping up on the ring's ropes like a WWE superstar once their sparring session had concluded.

"You in here jumping on top of turnbuckles," he said.

"There's no winners or losers in sparring. I was in there to work with you."

XcellentMMA2, the producer of the compilation, hilariously zoomed in at certain points of the clips to capture Paul's reactions to Rahman Jr's taunts.

And, if truth be told, he looked rattled.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jake Paul

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