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Boxing Legend Butterbean Is In 'The Best Shape Ever' And Has Called Out Jake Paul

Boxing Legend Butterbean Is In 'The Best Shape Ever' And Has Called Out Jake Paul

The super heavyweight has been working with former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page to get healthy and is ready for one last fight.

Boxing legend Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch is on the verge of a comeback after returning to his ‘best shape ever’ and now he wants a fight against YouTuber Jake Paul. 

The iconic heavyweight, now 55-years-old, has been retired since 2013; however, he has been working hard in recent months to get back into shape.

He’s been working with former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page, who has worked with ageing athletes in the past to help them deal with post-retirement pain and getting them healthy. 

DDP has worked with the likes of legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and the late Scott Hall, helping both kick alcoholism as well. 

Butterbean also has a significant past with WWE, having boxed wrestler Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania XV in 1999, so looking to DDP for help made a tonne of sense. 

DDP’s help looks to have paid off as well, with Butterbean shifting tonnes of weight and posting his progress across social media. 

Feeling healthy enough to put the gloves back on, Butterbean has called out the man who is the master of the call out, Jake Paul.

He said: “I’m working with DDP to get up walking and running around again and I’m feeling the best shape I ever have.

"I’m at fight weight. You’ll have to listen to my podcast coming up to find exactly how much weight I have lost, but I haven’t weighed this in over 20 years so that’ll give you an idea.

"The big announcement is I’m gonna fight one last fight. It’s gonna be one year from now. Jake Paul, if you’re ready, I’m here for you my friend. Let’s get it on, me and you Jake Paul.

"I bet it would be an awesome fight. After you said what you said about me in the magazine, I’m ready to fight you. Are you ready? I don’t think so."

Yaroslav Sabitov/YES Market Media / Alamy

Jake Paul is 5-0 since making the switch to the sport of boxing, having defeated the likes of Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Butterbean will have to join a long line of people wanting to lay one into Paul’s smug face.

UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has laid out a warning to Paul in the past.

In April 2021, Usman tweeted at Paul: “I understand you think this is a game which is probably why you don’t realize that this is how people truly get hurt. 

“I don’t play fighting and I can change your life in the worst way.”

Meanwhile, UK YouTuber and long-time Jake Paul rival KSI recently declared that he was making his return to boxing so he can ‘f**k Jake Paul up’.

The more people punching Jake Paul in the mouth, the merrier.

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